Finished Projects


New Quito International Airport

The Mariscal Sucre International Airport began its operations on 20th February 2013, in Tababela, Pichincha.

It is the country’s biggest airport, considering its infrastructure and traffic, and has the longest runway of any other airport at Sudamerica.

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Babahoyo Substation: Civil Works and Electromechanical Assembly

Considering the development demands of Babahoyo, CELEC decided to build a new substation, which shall provide a quality energetic supply to this sector. We have joined the project by executing the civil works (second phase) and the electromechanical assembly of this substation.

This project is located in the 59 km of the Guayaquil – Babahoyo highway. The substation, once it is operative, will have a transformation capacity of 66 MVA, with a transformation relation of 138/69 kv.

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Underground cable supply, and submarine cable supply and install for the Baltra – Santa Cruz Interconnection

As part of the purpose of supplying renewable energy to the Galapagos Islands, the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy is developing a very representative project in the sector: an wind farm in Baltra island, which will provide energy not only to this island but also to the near Santa Cruz island.


Civil Works and Electromechanical assembly for the electrical interconnection between Baltra and Santa Cruz

We are also working on the required civil works and the electromechanical assembly for the transmission line and substations of Baltra and Santa Cruz.

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New Tena International Airport

The new Tena International Airport opened on 05th june 2012. It is located in the outskirts of Tena, Napo, and was designed to receive traffic of even the biggest commercial aircrafts, and can operate 24 hours per day. The investment for this project was 43.6 USD millions.


Baltra Ecologic Airport

The Seymour Airport is located in Baltra island, Galápagos, and is the world’s first ecologic airport.